Whoremaster is a spinoff project of the original Slave Master and SimBrothel games. In it you take on the role of a master of a whorehouse in a fantasy land. Your objective is to capture girls, or pay them off to work for you so you can take over the city by defeating the rival gangs in the area.

The game has three distinct areas you need to plan out:

- Girl Management : What your girls do day and night

- Gang Management : What you want your hired gang memebers to do for you

- The Dungeon : Where you discipline the girls

The game is more of an eco-simulation like Oil Rigger or Ports of Call, rather than the more story driven Slave Master. It is leagues above the SimBrothel game, and gives plenty of replayability.

The game was created by interested individuals, and props goes to them for all the amazing work they have put into the game.

Whoremaster Links:

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