Random Events were introduced in ASlave version 0.95.
Short FAQ about how to create your own Random Events - events having a random chance of occurring :.
Let us say we want to create a Casino !

We begin creating a Casino Event;
We need no more than two textblocks.
Let us set the minimal bet to 100 Gold and check whether you are broke:
1st Textblock, "Casino" - condition: Mone
y >= 100 - we set the "Lets Play" Event as a Choice.

In addition to "Let's Play", we need to create 2 new events, for the 2 possible "Let's Play" outcomes :
Either "You lose", or "You win" - to make it simple.
So we have 4 Events now: "Casino" -> "Play" -> "Win" or "Lose".

Now how do we know whether we win or lose ?
Open up the "Let's Play" event and set "Call Random Events".
Here is the Random Events Tab....
We set "You Win" to 30% and "You Lose" to 70%. (the House always win).
That's it. We're done !
Nothing more required, we have a thriving Casino already ;)

......Come to think of it, we might add :

Follow-ups / Choices for RandomEvents ! (How much did I win/lose ? Should I play again ?)

RandomEvents for RandomEvents (How about a 1% chance for Jackpot to even the odds ?)

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