FAQ: FollowUp / Head into the CityEdit

With 0.95 "FollowUps" are introduced.
Followups are Events that happen automatically after another Event.

In this example we want make a FollowUp for "Heading into the City".
We will create two FollowUps:

- One with 10% chance of losing money (mug, swindle, etc.)

- One with 30% chance of gaining money (left to your imagination :) )

So all we need are 3 Events : - "Head into the City" Event
- two RandomEvents for "Hinana loses money" and "Hinata earns money"

Once we're done creating the 3 Events, we need to edit the "CityEvent",

so our RandomEvents are now declared as FollowUps of "CityEvent".


Now Hinata has: a 30% chance to find money, 10% to lose some,

everythime she goes to the city (with CityEvent).

So there is a 60% chance nothing special happens at all.

That's it, we have created a simple 2-branches "FollowUp" !
Note Followups are Events, so you can make a FollowUp for a FollowUp, or make a RandomEvent a FollowUp !

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