This is a short Tutorial on how to add Choices.
In this example we want to create a small shop:

First, we create a "shop" TextBlock as shown in the Image.

We want the player to choose between treating Hinata some cookies, or not.
After we have created the shop Textblock, we should think about what events will occur, depending on the player's Choice: "Give her a cookie" or "Do not give her a cookie"; two choices, hence two events.

To sum it up, now we have something like this :

- a Shop Event
- "Give her cookies" - choice related Event
- "Don't give her cookies" - choice related Event

Please note that on the create Event window, "Is visible for player" is not set!

Now, what we need to do is go back to our shop textblock and go to the tab choices.

Now you need to add 2 choices.
One for buying her the cookie and one for not.
Simply enter a text + select your 2 events you created.
That's it.
You should have successfully created a choice.^^

Please note that this could go on endlessly.
If you didn't buy her the cookie, you can make another choice, and jump back to the shop for example.

Choice in the Game

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