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This wiki is meant to introduce you to ASlave, an user-friendly interface with which you can easily create your very own Sim Game !

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ASlave CreatorEdit

Currently 5 tutorials are available for you to get an idea of ASlave's accessibility and potential.

These simple examples will show you some basics of ASlave's Creator / Editor :

- MapEvents

- Random Events

- Choices

- FollowUps

- Conditional Texts

  • Please remember you must have the advanced option switched on in the settings tab to access the widest array of events currently at your disposal.

ASlave Open StandardEdit

If you want to quickly make the slave you've always wanted, you can load up the ASlave Open Standard, which has been pre-populated with events. All you have to do is add your own pictures, and your own descriptions.

This can easily be done in normal mode. When you feel more adventurous, you can open up the advanced settings, and start setting up events and choices as you would like them to be. It's a very easy way to get started.

Currently the ASlave Open Standard will give you most of the same options for your slave as you had in the original SlaveMaker series. The standard will load it as the original slave Shampoo from SlaveMaker, but if you change the name of the slave, it will change the text ingame as well, so you really only have to do very little to have a playable slave.

Download .as file with ASlave Open Standard


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